TEA A Since time immemorial, herbs have been associated with vitality and optimum health, and they play an important role in ER4YT health-enhancement programs. We have combined twenty years formulating experience with meticulous research of scientific data bases to create formulas providing extra blood type specific support. Each Right Herbal, whether A, B, AB or O, offers those herbs containing the largest number of active compounds in their category, such as "antioxidant" or "adaptogen". The end result are unique blends offering valuable antioxidant activity and herbal assistance for balancing the strengths and Limitations of each individual blood type group. The Right Herbals are perfect compliments to The Right Multis and The Right Probiotics.

The D'Adamo 4 Your Type Herbal Formulas by Dr. Greg Kelly

Each Blood Type specific Herbal formula offers a meticulously chosen blend of Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbs that provide additional support for the most vulnerable body systems of each type. All of the herbs have been carefully selected using the clinical experience of Peter D'Adamo, ND (best selling author of Eat Right 4 Your Type), with support from Paul Schulick, Master Herbalist, and Gregory Kelly, ND. Medline, Napralert and Dr. Duke's Database were also consulted to identify plants with the highest quantity and quality of active compounds needed to match the specific requirements of each blood type.

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